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January 2007

Happy New Year!

The season and the holidays inspire a lot of togetherness (sometimes just to keep warm!) Those of us lucky enough to have a few lap warmers called Havanese are reminded quite regularly of the joy these dogs bring to our lives.

With the focus on our families, HRI would like to welcome you to an edition of Letters From Home. We hope the stories of Spike, Archie, Coco, and Scooby warm your heart as they do ours. And may the year bring a bounty of blessings to you and your family.

...Lu Wyland



In this issue
  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: The Story of Spike
  • Letters Home: "Our Little Archie Boy"
  • Letters Home: A note from Coco
  • Letters Home: Now Smiling Scooby

  • Letters Home: The Story of Spike

    How do you place a price tag on a life? At what point does one become so old, so ill, that they are not worth being loved, comforted, or kissed goodbye? Many of us in rescue pondered just this question in late 2005 when news of an OTI Havanese in a shelter was brought to our attention.

    Spike was an older Hav, guessed at the time to be about 10. He was malnourished, covered in ticks and fleas, with cataracts, a failing heart and kidney disease. His prognosis was not good. He was given as little as a week to live.

    The question was, when should rescue step in? And if it did, who would take on such a foster or adoptee knowing the creation of a new friendship could end abruptly.

    Spike was lucky enough to find two very special souls in Lynn Nieto and Tom Reed. When Lynn first opened Spike's crate that day, he must have known this was to be a very special place, because he bounced out of his crate and planted a huge wet kiss on her face, sealing their fates.

    The change in Spike's health and lifestyle throughout 2006 answered most of the questions some of us had asked the previous year. With the love and care lavished on him by Lynn and Tom, Spike flourished. The original diagnosis of his possibly only living a week, stretched to a month, and then miraculously to a year. Spike recently celebrated his one year anniversary with his two human friends.

    Through the love Lynn and Tom have given him, Spike has enjoyed a year he would never have had if left in that shelter. He has enjoyed a year of being clean, well fed, and happy. A wonderful year, where he has made friends both human and canine across the country, and stood as the epitamy of what rescue can mean.

    So was the price tag worth it in this case?

    To one wonderful dog and two exceptional people the answer would be a resounding yes.

    ...Cyndi Rust



    Letters Home: "Our Little Archie Boy"

    My husband and I decided to get another dog, and as a fluke, I went on line to The Havanese Rescue Site, I never even knew it existed! There was little Archie, looking so sweet. He was living in our town with his foster mom Susan and her Havanese girls, Sophie and Annie!! It was meant to be!! I emailed my husband his picture and within two minutes got an email back from my husband saying...Get Him!? We both instantly fell in love.

    Well, we met our little man with his foster mommy Susan, who obviously cared very deeply for Archie. She took such good care of him and he followed her everywhere! We feel so fortunate that she choose us to be his forever home.

    Archie's first day was a little stressful, but he rolled with the punches, or pounces I guess I should say, from our "still a puppy" Muscles. By the next day, Archie was letting Muscles know who was the older and wiser, and ?leader? of their little pack.

    Archie came to us with a damaged leg that we affectionately refer to as his twig. He cannot bend his right rear leg at all and it is out of the hip socket. We knew that he had been checked over to see if it could be repaired, but we felt we needed to just double check. Sadly, it can't be fixed, but he does just fine with it. As his foster mommy told us, he can still "runlikehell," just like Muscles! He has also learned to climb up steps, which has really strengthened his other hind leg muscles. Archie also had pretty bad teeth. He could not play tug of war or really bite down on anything hard. His hair was also just growing in from having been shaved his whole life and it was very coarse. He was very shy of kids and new people and was not a fan of you touching his face or paws.

    Now our little guy has gorgeous teeth (and much better breath!) He can bite and chew and play tug of war with his brother and his new mommy and daddy. He wrestles with his little brother and chases him around the house. They snuggle up together in the morning and sleep while their parents are getting ready for work. His coat has grown in very nicely and much softer. We keep him cut short, but he is still fluffy and soft! He fetches, shakes hands and sits on command. All of the neighborhood kids know and love him. They actually come to our house to see if Archie and Muscles can come out to play. Archie is doing really well around them, but definitely has some favorites that he?ll snuggle up to lick forever if we let him. He doesn?t mind when we touch his paws and has gotten much better with his face as well. Archie follows his mommy everywhere she goes and sleeps right between his new parents every night. He smiles and licks us and then drifts off to sleep under the covers. He is the light of our lives!! We are so grateful everyday that we have our little smiley guy around. It feels like he's been with us forever. Oh, and yes, he smiles like that ALL OF THE TIME!! How could you not love that face!!

    The Rodriguez Family

    Letters Home: A note from Coco

    Hello, my name is Coco, short for Coconut. I was the owner turn-in from Oregon about 9 months ago ? they used to call me Oko, but I like my new name better. I was picked up somewhere in Oregon and driven all the way to Skagit Valley in WA where I lived with my foster Mom Jane and I met four new four-legged friends. I was a bit shy at first but then I fit in nicely. I was there for a couple of weeks until my forever family came for me. They drove all the way up from Lacey, WA. I really was interested in meeting their four-legged son. I was pretty sure I?d met this very big, very poofy four legged friend before. Come to find out we were both from the very same litter. We were twins! I noticed right away that my brother, Jackson, was not very interested in me. He was a bit annoyed with me at first.

    When I was taken to my forever home I was pretty nervous. I stayed in my crate for a while and my new human brother and sister tried really hard to get me to come out. They really wanted to play with me but I was still trying to figure everything out.

    After some time I ventured out of the crate and really have not been back inside since. After a couple weeks of disuse my Forever Mom finally put my crate outside. I now sleep in bed with her and Dad pretty much every night.

    My twin brother Jackson at first didn?t really care for me. It took a few weeks for him to let me get near my Mom and Dad. Jackson would growl at me and push me away. Eventually the growling and pushing turned to licks and nips. Now we play runlikehell all the time. Sometimes we even sleep together and we are usually in the same room.

    Most days I sleep at Dad?s feet while he works from his home office. Mom and Dad like to think that I play favorites with them. Dad says that I am his and Mom always talks about how she is the one that bathes and grooms me so I should hang out with her. I find that whomever is home the longest is the one I tend to hang out with, so when Dad is gone I pick Mom. Dad says that I have to settle when he travels. Ha ha.

    When I came to my forever home I had very thin hair and almost no undercoat. Now I have both of my coats and they are both beautiful and shiny, or so my Mom always tells me. She tells me how sweet I am, how I always come when called and how much she loves that she never has to put me on a leash, I just stay closer to her heels. I love to curl up on her lap. She says that I was just the kind of dog she has always wanted. My human siblings love for me to sit next to them as well so they can pet me.

    I noticed that soon after I moved in my human parents pulled up all their carpet on the bottom floor and put in hard wood floors. I think it might be because every time my parents come home I get so excited that I piddle all over the floor. I keep hoping that I will quit doing this but so far it is just part of who I am. The hard thing about the hard wood floors is that every time Jackson and I decide to play and run we slide all over the place. We try to stop but we usually end up sliding all the way across the living room or down the hall. It makes my Mom and Dad laugh to see us so out of control.

    I love my new home and I am so glad that I have finally found the humans that I can spend the rest of my life with.


    Letters Home: Now Smiling Scooby

    My name is Scooby. I?m 6 yrs old and my owners turned me in to HRI because I started biting the boys in the family (ages 9, 7 and 2). The ladies on the intake committee decided to take me in because starting to bite at 6 was really out of character for a Havanese.

    When my foster Mom picked me up, I really wasn?t sure what was happening but I gave her lots of kisses so she?d like me. I knew she would figure out that the boys had been pulling on my back legs and tail and that?s why I was biting them; I was telling them to stop! In a very short time I found out that being touched in the rear doesn?t have to hurt. In fact, it feels pretty good!

    I went to Obedience class (kind of scary, but Mom explained about my ?rear problem? and every one was very nice) and passed! I even did all of the stuff off lead and surprised Mom.

    My new family figured out that I was having focal seizures when I was upset or stressed. (My other family never figured that out.) I don?t need any medication right now but we write down on the calendar when I have one so we know if they get worse.

    Anyway, my foster Mom & Dad decided to adopt me since I fit in so well. Dad has seizures, too, so we?re best buddies. I watch out for him and he looks out for me. I sit on his lap every night and help him watch TV. I?m really glad that Mom & Dad flunked fostering 101. I am the winner, with a new family and other Havs to play with. I learned about bully sticks and beef bones and toys to share-sometimes (except for my goose ? he?s MINE!)

    Thanks to Havanese Rescue, I don?t have to worry about being hurt and I know that my new family loves me LOTS. I love them lots, too, and show them with kisses, kisses, kisses every day.

    Love, Scooby

    Adoption Corner

    Texie & Pebbles

    Pebbles, the white dog in the pair of cute Santa hat clad Havanese seems to be asking Texie, black and white, if she knows what is on her head. These two girls need a family that will adopt both of them so that they can stay together.

    Texie (10 years old) and Pebbles (12) were turned into Havanese Rescue by a very loving owner who was unable to keep them do to extreme change-in- life circumstances. They have lived together for 10 years, and would be best off if adopted together.

    Pebbles is a quiet lap dog, once she gets to know you. Texie, though more independent, loves to give kisses. Both girls love to go on walks, be held in your arms and romp and jump like the typical joyous Havanese. They are both in good health, and are up-to-date on their shots. Both dogs are also housebroken, but may occasionally have an accident. They made the transition very easily into foster care and are now ready to bring joy into a home with adults or older children. If you have another dog, that would also be a plus. These two precious little girls are ready for their
    forever family.
    These girls are being
    fostered in New Jersey.

    To Inquire about
    Texie & Pebbles...



    Perry is approximately 3 years old, housebroken and current on his vaccinations. He was found by the side of the road in Michigan and turned over to Havanese Rescue. We're not sure if he is a Havanese, though he seems to be a hypo-allergenic dog since the foster family isn't having any allergic
    reactions to Perry.

    Perry is about 25lbs, and has the sweetest disposition. He is very much a lap dog and he craves affection, both giving and receiving. He seems to be a very quick learner since he was housebroken within 4 days with no ?accidents? since. His obedience training is progressing nicely. He stands quietly for baths and grooming (truly amazing).

    Perry gets along very well with other dogs and strangers. He only barks when someone is at the door and occasionally in play with our dog. He is high energy and loves to go on walks, or just be outside. Because he is a high energy dog, he shouldn't be adopted by a family with children under 8 years old.

    Perry is being fostered
    in Michigan.

    To Inquire about Perry...



    Molly was previously featured in November's Newsletter and is still looking for her
    forever home.

    Molly is approximately 5-6 years old, spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines, house-trained (though she may lapse when she is placed), and generally in good health. She had been shaved to the skin just before she came to rescue and it appears she is going to have a beautiful coat when it grows out.

    Molly's perfect person/family would be very loving and gentle. Molly is shy in new surroundings and with new people. Her new family will have to be very patient until she learns to trust you. Molly loves to snuggle and she loves to be pet, and if your dog will play with her she
    would be thrilled.

    Molly would do best in a home without children, though a household with all of the children over 13 will be considered. She is still very scared of sudden movements and loud noises. Molly is being fostered in North Carolina.

    To Inquire about Molly...


    This & That

    New Editor

    January 2007 rings in a new year and brings with it a new change to the HRI Newsletter.

    Beginning with this issue, Amanda Brown has assumed
    the role of Editor. Cyndi Rust who had been temporarily filling in since June, has stepped down in order to focus her efforts on fundraising for the organization.

    If anyone has ideas or stories they would like to see in HRI's Newsletter, please contact Amanda Brown at havaneserescue@earthlink.net


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