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November 2006

Words From The President

In the spirit of thanksgiving, HRI would like to wish all of our readers the best of times with their family and friends. The holidays bring opportunities and challenges for everyone. It can take skill and perseverance to find the balance between the demands placed upon us and the time for reflection that rejuvenates our souls.

May you find what it is you need so that you can go on making a difference in the world in a way that holds true for your spirit. And for those of us fortunate enough to find the comfort of a fur covered miracle called a Havanese curled alongside us, we are truly blessed and ever thankful.

...Lu Wyland


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  • Adoption Corner
  • Letters Home: Kato/Kai
  • Holiday Gift Idea
  • Changing Lives: Laura Lovell
  • Annual Appeal Letter

  • Letters Home: Kato/Kai

    Kai with his new sisters.

    What a trip this little man has had. After knowing me for 20 minutes, he was placed in my arms and we boarded a flight across the county so he could come and live with his new family in Seattle. When we finally arrived home after the 5 hour flight and 40 minute drive home (we had a potty break) his new sisters were curious about him, but he was aggressive and stressed. This did not last long however. Once we moved to the back yard it was 2 hours of running Havanese style and playing in the dark. No one wanted to come inside. We went to bed with him cuddling up next to me and his new sisters wondering if they liked him so they went and slept with their human brothers.

    Now after 2 weeks Kaikua (Kai for short and meaning brother in Hawaiian) is doing fantastic. He is fully potty trained and has stopped marking completely. He provides everyone kisses including his human brothers and his canine sisters. He cuddles with everyone and constantly looks for one of them to play with.

    He loves the Seattle rain, always walking through the deepest puddle he can find. We think he might be a Havanese swimmer. We will find out in the spring when it is warm. We still have not found what makes his "Happy Meter" (tail) wag. Though he seems very happy all the time, his tail only moves very slightly when offering him a human food treat. This is a goal for our family, to try and make the Happy Meter wag as often as possible.

    His socializing with other dogs is going well. It still needs some work, but with daily walks and trips to the park, he will get there. He is very smart and in the last 2 weeks besides the potty training he has learned to "Come, Wait, and Stay" (not consistently but pretty close). There is nothing like a lot of love and attention!

    Needless to say we absolutely adore this little fellow and are so glad that he has come to live with our family. He generates a million smiles a day, both human and canine!

    ...Dianna Stockdale


    Holiday Gift Idea

    Need something special for the dog lover on your list?
    Give them an In The Arms of Rescue Pendant, and feel great knowing that the total proceeds from your holiday gift go to HRI, thanks to the generous underwriting of their costs by an anonymous donor.

    Order now to get them in time for the Holidays! Whether worn as necklace, a pin, or hung as an ornament...In The Arms of Rescue is a limited edition keepsake to be treasured from generation to generation.

    Changing Lives: Laura Lovell

    Havanese Rescue Inc., is fortunate to have devoted volunteers, willing to give up their time and a bit of their lives to Havanese that need help.

    One such volunteer has worked with Havanese rescue for about 5 years, even though she didn’t have a Havanese at the start and does not have one now.

    Laura Lovell, a volunteer in GA, came with experience in Pyrenees rescue. Answering requests to go to shelters in the Atlanta area when Havanese are reported there, Laura brought one senior Havanese home with her many years ago. Angel wasn’t doing well in the shelter and had too many health problems to ever be adopted, but have no doubt, she found her family. Sadly she went to the Bridge several months ago and is very much missed.

    In addition to being a foster parent to numerous Havanese over the years, Laura also serves on the intake committee, answering requests for help one day a week in addition to serving as treasurer for HRI since July 2006. Patience, humor, compassion, devotion and a willingness to find room for the unwanted and an eye for the treasures they bring are some of the skills Laura brings to HRI along with her understanding of finances and computers as she enters our financial information into the QuickBooks program. Thank you, Laura, for being part of HRI.

    ...Lu Wyland


    Annual Appeal Letter

    World renowned liver specialist Dr. Center with Jack, at Cornell for Jack's first liver shunt surgery checkup. Photo by Nancy Chretien

    Annual Appeal Letter

    We are thankful at HRI for the opportunity of another year to help Havanese dogs find forever homes where they can enrich the lives of families and live the rest of their days healthy and happy.

    In little more than 2 years, more than 75 Havanese have come to HRI. Some came due to family illness, death, or change in financial circumstances. Others arrived due to the legal system seizing the dogs from inhumane conditions. And finally, some came to HRI due to the ill health of the dogs themselves, and behavior problems with which the family was unable to deal. With help from HRI volunteers, life has turned around for these Havanese. Wounds heal, confidence is raised, and the dogs who once belonged to no one or were without an advocate for their needs, now are family members. You have seen some of the stories in this newsletter.

    Those who work with HRI feel blessed to see the changes and hear the stories of the dogs whose lives were changed forever. Like a ripple effect, these dogs go on to change others. HRI truly does change lives one Havanese at a time.

    Havanese Rescue Inc is grateful to have the support of people across the country to help weave a safety net for the Havanese most vulnerable - those in need of rescue. We would like to invite you to be part of the success story that is HRI. The opportunity to change lives is a blessing. Please join us with your donation today. . Through the generosity of some local Havanese clubs the first $4,200 of donations will be matched.

    Profound thanks to the clubs whose pledges of support match your gifts:

    Capital Havanese Club -$500.00
    Delaware Valley Havanese Club -$1,000.00
    Gateway Havanese Club -$500.00
    Greater New York Havanese Club -$1,000.00
    Havanese Club of Southern California -$1,000.00
    North Star Havanese Club -$200.00

    We also hope you will be part of the gatherings and Havanese Rescue parties that take place across the country. Together we can make a difference.

    Lu Wyland
    President, Havanese Rescue Inc.


    Adoption Corner


    Molly is a delightful little chocolate parti female who came to us after a seizure of animals from an unlicensed kennel. She is reliant upon other dogs to help her with her social skills. They also help her feel more confident and comfortable. As a result, she will ONLY be placed in a home with another dog.

    Molly is approximately 5-6 years old, spayed, up to date on her vaccines, house-trained (though I would expect her to lapse some when she is placed), and generally in good health. She had been shaved to the skin just before she came to me and it appears she is going to have a beautiful coat when it grows out.

    Molly's perfect person/family would be very loving and gentle. Molly is shy in new surroundings and with new people. Her new family will have to be very patient until she learns to trust you. Molly loves to snuggle and she loves to be petted, and if your dog will play with her she would be thrilled.

    You will need to work on obedience skills, teaching her to play with toys, and encouraging her so she feels confident about herself. She does have a bit of a naughty streak, and I think it is because in her mind any attention (positive or negative) is a good thing!

    Molly would do best in a home without children, though a household with all of the children over 13 will be considered. She is still very scared of sudden movements and loud noises. Molly is being fostered in North Carolina.

    ...Jenny French

    To Inquire about Molly...

    Adoption News

    Once again, we are thrilled to announce that the Havanese featured for adoption in our last issue, darling little Kato, has found his forever home.
    Bless his heart. :)


    This & That

    HRI Board Changes

    Our congratulations are extended to Ursula Bassolino, Volunteer Coordinator for HRI, who has accepted a seat on the Board of Directors.

    New to the Board, in Advisory positions are Lynn Nieto and Kathi Robertson. We wish them all the best for their term in office.

    And finally, we would like to thank the exiting Advisory Board of Mary Cane, Kathy Patrick, Charlene Cain, and Robin Gillespie, for giving their time and knowledge to help HRI grow and develop into the prominent organization it has become.


    Havanese Auction 2006

    Our first year of participation in the Online Havanese Auction was a huge success.

    In just one short month, thanks to the help of so many of HRI's wonderful supporters and friends, we were able to acquire enough donations to fill three pages of items as well as the fabulous Bali stay donated by Tom & Nancy Antoon.

    The total raised from these donations over the course of one wild and crazy week, amounted to $3402.50!!!

    Thank you to everyone who donated, placed bids, and supported both HRI and the other charities participating in this auction. This was an amazing opportunity for HRI, and was so very much fun for everyone involved!!

    Once again we would like to thank Laura Cascino for allowing us the opportunity to participate. We hope we will be invited again next year, and make it even bigger and better!!



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