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October 2006

Coffee Break Time.

Welcome to the Havanese Rescue Inc. Newsletter.

What a wonderful time Havanese Rescue Inc had in Richmond, VA at the Havanese Club of America National Specialty! Provided with 3 tables in the ballroom for our booth, we were constantly busy with people dropping by to chat, meet Chloe, (one of our dogs from the Chester County Mill seizure) or to admire the quilt. A DVD with photos of our dogs in rescue since our inception played almost continuously and gathered a good bit of attention. Such beauties they are! They were great conversation starters for those who gathered.

A badge of honor, there were a lot of Angel pendants worn throughout the weekend by people who both admired the beauty of the wearable sculpture as well as the sentiment depicted.

Due to excruciating delays at O'Hare, I unfortunately missed what was described as a most fantastic gathering of folks at the Meet and Greet on Thursday night. Humor, friendship, commitment and generosity came together, embodied by those who gathered. Items from the Havanese gift store flew off shelves, errr, out of the hands of several very enthusiastic volunteers who helped find "happy homes" for almost every bit of merchandise we brought. Several thousand dollars were raised for HRI that evening between store merchandise and items generously donated by supporters. While I missed the event, I certainly couldn't miss the support that was present throughout the weekend wherever I went. Our Havanese in rescue are the beneficiaries of your support. On behalf of them and HRI, I want to thank you. ...Lu Wyland

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  • Adoption Corner
  • In The Arms Of Rescue
  • Letters Home: From Phoebe "Sweetheart" Norten
  • HRI Meet & Greet at HCA Specialty
  • Changing Lives: Cyndi Rust
  • The 2006 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt Winner
  • HRI to participate in Fall On-Line Auction

  • In The Arms Of Rescue

    Havanese Rescue Inc.
    is excited to present a very special promotion

    In The Arms Of Rescu


    We are offering a signed and dated, limited edition wearable sculpture...so charming, so endearing, that anyone who loves Havanese will want one for their very own. It evokes feelings of what it is we all as Havanese lovers yearn to do for our very special breed - hold them, comfort them, soothe them, protect them, and love them.

    With your generous donation of $50.00 or more, you can proudly wear your pendant to display your support of Havanese Rescue and your love of Havanese for all to see.

    Letters Home: From Phoebe "Sweetheart" Norten

    I am the four year old owner turn-in who was featured in your June newsletter. Life was not so good for me back then and I was quite ill when HRI came to my assistance. I had two mammary tumors and an infected uterus. No wonder I looked so forlorn on your website!

    Down in NC was a couple who had been searching for a little dog to love. They had sent an application to HRI, and we were thought to be a match. On their fortieth wedding anniversary, mom and dad drove eleven and a half hours round trip up to VA to meet me. Of course, it was love at first sight.

    Living here in NC requires a great deal of me. I have to drag two senior citizens out of bed, make certain that they have a healthy breakfast, and since I DO think it is important for them to breathe the fresh morning air, rain, shine, or hurricane season I go outside to take care of business. After dropping Mom off at school, my retired dad and I run errands, I take him for walks, guard our home, and remind him to pick up mom at the end of her school day. When we are all together again, we play some really fun games which I have taught them. I can do all sorts of tricks and Dad has even taught me to "talk" with him!

    As I sign off, I want to particularly thank my foster mom, Stacy, for taking such good care of me. I was really scared and sad to leave her, but before mom and dad and I got into the car, she took me to a quiet spot all alone to say good-bye. I could tell that this was hard for her too, because she held me extra tight, and tears were running down her cheeks as she said a prayer of protection for me and assured me that Havanese Rescue would always be there for me. But she also added that she had a feeling in her heart that I had found my forever home at last.


    With best love to all of you, "Sweetheart" Norten
    (formerly known as Phoebe...but that's another story!)



    HRI Meet & Greet at HCA Specialty

    Thursday evening October 12th, 2006, over 60 volunteers, friends and supporters of HRI got together for a Meet & Greet at the Havanese Club of America National Specialty.

    The room was packed through much of the evening and featured a whirlwind sell off of the HRI gift store thanks to the efforts of Louise Donner and Linda Cosner. Natalie Armitage donated a stuffed dog that became a hilarious raffle in the hands of Lynn Nieto. And the In The Arms of Rescue pendants made their debut. It was definitely THE event to be at during the specialty...for fun, friendship, and laughter.

    Photos courtesy of Tim Meyer



    Changing Lives: Cyndi Rust

    HRI Volunteer Shines

    HRI is blessed with many wonderful volunteers. One of them is Cyndi Rust. Cyndi shares her many talents and artistic visions with HRI. Her work has been seen in the coordination of the rescue quilts the last two years and the "Sneak Peeks" that she shares with the various Havanese lists.

    Cyndi has also worked hard to get the newsletter up and running regularly beginning this past June. Recently though Cyndi topped all this off by unveiling a beautiful "wearable sculpture" available for those who donate to HRI.

    Her efforts were rewarded by kisses from 3 different HRI dogs in rescue over the Havanese Specialty weekend in Richmond, VA recently. Cyndi's talents have made life so much better for so many dogs in HRI! Public awareness and much needed funds have been raised because of Cyndi's work. A HUGE thank you for all that you share with us, Cyndi! We very much appreciate you. ...Lu Wyland



    The 2006 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt Winner

    Linda Cosner
    Shown holding former HRI foster Chloe.



    HRI to participate in Fall On-Line Auction

    How exciting is this?!?!?!

    We are thrilled to announce that HRI will have it's very own section in The Fall On-Line Auction to benefit select Havanese charities. If you would like to donate items, please send your descriptions and jpgs by November 4th, to: [email protected] and request your item go to benefit HRI.

    The Auction will run Saturday to Saturday November 11th to the 18th.

    The chance to participate in what will be the 6th year of THE Havanese on-line auction is truly a fabulous opportunity for Havanese Rescue Inc. If you have not participated in this auction before, as a donor or bidder, you have been missing out on one of the most fun online events in the Havanese community....especially when it gets down to the wire.


    Don't forget to mark your Calendars!!!



    Adoption Corner

    This little man is Kato and he is just as adorable as they come. He is a one-year-old Havanese, full of spunk, energy, and himself. :)

    Prior to coming to HRI he lived in a very busy household, where there was little time for him and his needs. He wasn't taught what was expected of him and, as a result, didn't learn about housetraining. It became an issue for his family and he soon found himself living all alone in the family's breezeway. He stayed there for four months before coming to rescue.

    With his foster family, Kato is thriving and he is now ready to be placed in his forever home. His vet care has been completed and his health is excellent. While he is improving with his housetraining, it remains a work-in-progress. One can't change in a few weeks time a problem that has existed for many months. Belly bands have proven to be a great help in his foster home. While he is still marking, it has been just one week since his neuter and the hope is that this behavior will be curbed with time, commitment,
    and consistency.

    This little love has so much to offer. He adores people of all ages, smothering them in kisses and cuddling close. While sitting with him on the sofa you can expect to find his sweet head resting on your leg with his beautiful eyes occasionally looking up to make sure that you are still there. At night he sleeps snuggled in right next to you.

    As much as he enjoys the company of humans, he is happiest with other canine playmates. He finds pure delight in toys, chases, tugs, and romping thru the house. With his foster family's dogs he goes from one to the next to see who is interested in playing. He is always game and looking for any chance to have fun. Kato just enjoys life and has continued to blossom while in foster care.

    Kato will need a patient family willing to work with him on his housetraining and marking behaviors. In return he will reward his new family with endless love, countless hours of fun, and a joy unlike any other they have known. He will also need another dog in his home as his love of playing is a very important part of who he is.

    This is one very special, loving little Havie. His foster mommy and his aunties that he met at the Nationals all agree that he is an extraordinary dog.

    ...Stacy DeJoseph

    To Inquire about Kato...


    Adoption News

    Andy featured in the September issue found his way to his forever home. :)

    Parker featured in the July issue, finally found a home to call his very own too. :)

    In fact, all the dog's featured in the newsletter since starting the Adoption Corner have now been placed!!!


    This & That

    This month you will notice a new feature entitled
    Changing Lives.

    It will focus on the wonderful volunteers of HRI that are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many dogs.

    Beginning with this issue,
    Changing Lives
    will be a regular addition to the HRI Newsletter.


    Did you know that
    In The Arms of Rescue
    can be worn as a pendant,
    as a pin, or even hung as a holiday ornament?

    They would also make fabulous gifts for the dog lovers on your holiday shopping list.

    Get yours today, and help support Havanese Rescue.

    In The Arms of Rescue


    HRI is now registered with Goodsearch.com

    Now you can use your curiosity to help HRI. How? Simply go to


    Look at the second box on the page that follows the words: "I'm supporting" and type in Havanese Rescue-HRI. Then click the button that says "Verify."

    That's it! Each search generates a penny for HRI. If 100 people do two searches a day, that's $2.00 a day for HRI or $60 a month and it costs you nothing.

    Curiosity really can pay off!





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