Havanese Rescue, Inc. Newsletter Second Leash On Life
January 2006


Welcome to the Havanese Rescue, Inc. Newsletter! 2005 was a record setting year for us, thanks to each of you who donated. Did you know:

  • HRI now is treating THREE AKC Havanese with Liver Shunts. We are working with Dr. Sharon Center at Cornell University.
  • The Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt donations DOUBLED from the year before.
Upcoming 2006 Havanese Rescue
Quilt Display Locations
  1. Canine Learning Experience, Allentown, PA , sponsored by DVHC, January 28-29

  2. Westminster Pre-Social, sponsored by DVHC, February 12
Don't miss the opportunity to witness this unique wall quilt! .



in this issue
  • Canine Learning Experience
    Jan 28-29, 2006
  • Chronicles of Jack & Jill, Part 1
  • Grand Canyon Havanese Club Fun Day - March 26!
  • Congratulations to Karen Peede, 2005 Quilt Winner!
  • Which One Could You Turn Away?

  • Chronicles of Jack & Jill, Part 1

    In our last newsletter you learned that HRI had taken in two owner-surrendered Havanese due to liver shunts. Within one week, we added a third!

    Nancy, who fostered Jill (pictured), took her to Cornell University, and placed her under the care of Dr. Sharon Center, the foremost authority on liver disease. Jill, a 3 1/2 year Havanese presented with poor appetite, less than 7 lb., lethargy, Polydipsia and Polyuria (excessive drinking and urination. She underwent testing, including a Protein C test, and was placed on a restricted diet of Hill's L/D, and Lactulose, a soluble fiber to add in the elimination of toxins. Dogs with liver shunts can't process meat protein well, and it becomes potential toxins. This can lead to a condition known as hepatic encephalopathy, such as head pressing, circling, etc. Jill's improvement was dramatic. Within 48 hours of the new diet, she showed more energy, her appetite increased, and she wanted to play! By the time of her follow-up appointment, Jill had gained two pounds, and was doing great. We were anxious to see the results of the Protein C test. Liver shunt dogs requiring ligation surgery generally test between 30- 50%, while normal dogs test at 74% and above. Jill's test scored a 69%. Dr. Center recommended Jill be maintained on diet at this time. Jill shows a cyst on her kidney, and they'll follow-up with an ultrasound in another two months. Jill was adopted into a very loving home, near to Cornell for followup.

    While at the follow-up appointment, Nancy heard of the third Havanese. He is 9 months old, purebred, and will be surrendered by his owner. We'll call him Swiffer, and follow his appointment next month.

    Jack, a 6 month old, weighs just 5 pounds. He has a poor appetite, is lethargic, and exhibits head pressing. Jack has been on the Hills L/D diet, but shows no great improvement. He underwent an ultrasound, and bloodwork which was submitted to Cornell. Jack's Protein C result is just 38%. He was examined by Dr. Center, and review of his tests indicate he's an excellent candidate for surgery! Watch for the Chronicles of Jack & Jill, and Swiffer, Part 2, next month.

    Grand Canyon Havanese Club Fun Day - March 26!

    Plans for the Grand Canyon Havanese Club Fun Day are well underway to be held at "It's A Ruff Life" Doggie Daycare and Activity Center, in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, March 26, 1-4 PM. Scheduled events include a Clicker Training Demonstration, a Rally demonstration, Costume contest, Parade of Havanese, and various other activities. Potluck (bring a dish to share). This is a FUNdraiser to support Havanese Rescue, Inc.

    The Grand Canyon Havanese Club has been a substantial donor to HRI, and to the quilt drawing in the past. The 2006 Havanese Rescue wall quilt will make it's western debut at the GCHC Fun Day, in appreciation of their support. The GCHC members are from AZ, CO, NM, UT and NV. Havanese owners are encourage to visit the GCHC website for membership information. The Fun Day is open to one and all!

    Congratulations to Karen Peede, 2005 Quilt Winner!

    Carole, Charls and I arrived at the Convention Center in Long Beach for the final quilt drawing, December 18. Our sincere thanks to the entire Havanese Club of Southern California for their VIP treatment throughout our stay. Anyone wishing to join the HCSC to learn and to enjoy their Havanese are welcome to visit the HCSC website!

    A special thanks to Carolyn Stringer, 13, a Junior Exhibitor, and volunteer, for assisting in the drawing. We truly appreciate your help, Carolyn! She pulled the lucky ticket Number 796, belonging to Karen Peede, NC. Congratulations, Karen, on winning this magnificent quilt!

    Which One Could You Turn Away?

    This photo truly represents what rescue is all about. Three of these four dogs came into HRI needing help. It was the support of our donors, and the selfless dedication of our volunteers that make rescue so rewarding! I'd say (L-R) Jill, Gracie, Mac and Lacie agree, don't you think?

    Canine Learning Experience
    Jan 28-29, 2006

    The Delaware Valley Havanese Club and Lehigh Valley Kennel Club are sponsoring the Canine Learning Experience in Allentown, PA on Janury 28-29, 2006. The CLE is dedicated to the education of breeders and pet owners alike, and features seminars, lectures, freestyle dancing and an agility demonstration. The 2006 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt will make it's premier debut at the Canine Learning Experience. This year's quilt is an embellished wall quilt; a whimsical family photo album that is truly unique. Including a photo of the relative no one talks about. Treat yourself to a fun day at the Canine Learning Experience!

    Canine Learning Experience

    Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.