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December 2005

Season's Greetings!

Welcome to the Havanese Rescue, Inc. Newsletter! We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, holiday season! Did you know:

  • HRI is called in to rescue a dog, on average, every 8 days
  • 23% are rescued from shelters
  • 77% are surrendered by owners
  • 10% of the OTI's are due to aggression
  • 80% of those are fine when placed in a less busy home.
  • 501(c)3 Donations are Tax Deductible
  • Your support of HRI is our greatest gift, and deeply appreciated.



In This Issue
  • 2005 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt
  • Ebbie's Christmas Wish
  • Chronicles of Jack & Jill - Lavished In Liver Shunts!
  • HRI Fundraising Pool Party
  • HRI Long Term Development Plan Underway
  • Lessons Learned from Your Havanese

  • Ebbie's Christmas Wish

    All of us come with our own baggage. Ebbie is certainly no exception, though she arrived in rescue with more than her share. For instance, Ebbie had:

    • 1 horrendous mouth infection
    • 21 rotten teeth that had to be removed
    • 1 walnut shaped mammary tumor, not cancerous
    • A lack of appetite from the above, resulting in low weight
    • A well deserved slightly cranky attitude from having to deal with the above for so long with no help!
    With the surgeries behind her, Ebbie's appetite and weight are back, and she's blossomed under the care of Stacy, her foster Mom. Needless to say, Stacy has grown quite protective of her. Ebbie's ideal home would be with a retired owner, home days, no kids or other pets, who would shower her with love and attenton. In return, Ebbie promises lifelong love and devotion. She deserves nothing less. Ebbie is altered, playful, 9 years young, who delights in attention. If you can provide the home Ebbie needs please complete the Adoption Application and indicate Ebbie in the Message Subject line.



    Chronicles of Jack & Jill - Lavished In Liver Shunts!

    Liver shunts affect far fewer dogs than other health issues, but have the most impact on the dog's quality of life and the emotional and financial burden on their families. HRI has been contacted regarding two AKC owner surrendered dogs with liver shunts in just the last 60 days! We'll call these dogs Jack and Jill. Jill is 3 1/2 years old, lethargic, underweight at just 6 pounds, with a poor appetite. Her owner claimed housebreaking issues since Jill had to be let out every 1-2 hours. Jill's exam revealed a probable liver shunt, and a raging urinary infection and crystals. Two rounds of antibiotics, and dietary care, enabled the scheduling of a ultrasound. Jack (shown) is just 6 months old, and has been ill from the start. He, too, is underweight at 7 pounds, has a poor appetite, and displays the typical head butting and circling associated with liver shunts. Though his owner adores him, she's unable to afford the treatment he needs. Jill was taken to see Dr. Sharon Center,DVM, Dipl ACVIM, Professor of Internal Medicine at Cornell University, who is affectionately known as the "liver lady." She is working with the Cairns on a study to locate the gene responsible for liver shunts, and is very interested in the Havanese. We plan to take our readers along with Jack & Jill in a series of articles in upcoming newsletters, as they go through their diagnosis and treatments, Watch for the Chronicles of Jack & Jill, Part 1, next month.

    HRI Fundraising Pool Party

    In August, in keeping with the development plan, a pool party was held at the Falcone's home. Items from the gift shop provided Havanese specialty gifts for a Silent Auction. Even the children were involved. J. T. Falcone provided the announcements. Olivia Alvarez, pictured, won one of the Havanese Night Shirts. There were 50 in attendance. It was a resounding success and provided a way to support HRI, and expand our safety net. A special thanks to Suzy Alvarez, Enrique Alvarez and Olivia, Mary & John Falcone and J. T., Valerie & Joseph Zalman, and Lavon Gennette for their tremendous support, and for all who attended to make this FUNdraising event such a huge splash!

    HRI Long Term Development Plan Underway

    HRI welcomes the time and talents of Ann Sethness, for her professional expertise in creating a five year long-term development plan for HRI. Ann's recommendation on expanding our network with the Newsletter, FUNdraising parties, an online auction, and various other events are well underway. More detailed information will be available in the months to come. A special thanks to Ann and to Joan Ambrose whose hard work and dedication made FUNdraising, so much FUN!

    Lessons Learned from Your Havanese

    Work less
    Play More
    Less Stress
    For Sure
    Happy Holidays

    2005 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt

    The drawing for the 2005 Universal Havanese Rescue Quilt will be held on December 18, 2005, at 3 PM, at the Long Beach Kennel Club Show. For those of you in attendance, please stop by to see it for yourself. The proceeds for the quilt benefit three rescues. The HRI portion funded veterinary expenses for the year. Don't miss your chance to win!

    Enter the Quilt Drawing

    email: click here
    phone: 623-465-0000

    Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.