PEPPER NC HEADSHOTA note from Pepper's adoptive parents:

Our sweet Pepper that we adopted from you has peacefully passed. We cannot express the joy he brought to our lives. He was amazing in all ways!

“Personality plus” describes 12­-year­-old Pepper, who weighs in at only 10 pounds. He’s a sweet and engaging Havanese who knows he’s cute and a very important member of the family. He readily “talks” to his foster

SeniorAdvantageIcon mom to let her know that he needs to go outside or needs more attention. When there’s something especially important he wants to convey, he actually quivers so you understand the magnitude of the message. With his soulful dark eyes and absolutely darling face, you can’t help but pay attention to Pepper, which he believes is just how it should be. 

Pepper entertains himself by taking out all the toys, spreading them about the floor and then choosing the perfect one on which to chew. If he finds it necessary, he’ll chew off the end of a nose or limb of a particularly naughty toy. In a pinch, he’ll chew on the bit of a towel, but Pepper is far too well mannered to chew on clothing. He is busy, bouncy and playful and has a sense of importance about himself. He makes his foster mom smile every day.

PEPPER NC RUGPepper walks well on a leash and is both house trained and crate trained. He could use a little work on basic commands, but is smart and very food motivated and learns quickly. He loves time and attention from people. It’s been chilly lately so he’s perfected his lap warming techniques and would love to share his talents with a family of his own. He’s happiest snuggled up next to you and if you want to cover him up with a blanket as well, he’s all for it.

Pepper has a grade three heart murmur, but does not require any medication. He’s taking thyroid medication which is quite inexpensive. He also takes fish oil. Pepper had a dental cleaning and thinks his teeth are as sparkly as his personality. A few had to be extracted, but he eats his dinner and takes treats without any problems at all.PEPPER NC

Pepper gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home. He hasn’t been exposed to cats.  Pepper would love a family of his own that would appreciate his charm and playful ways. He likes being with people, so a family where someone is happy to have his company is important. He wants to be next to you and would happily snuggle in to keep you warm while you’re watching TV, reading a book or just hanging out. He’d do best in an adult family or one with teenagers where he can have lots of attention. He’d be happy to have another dog to play with, but would also be just fine if he were the only dog.

PEPPER is being fostered in NC.


A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount for this dog is reduced because the dog is a senior and is eligible for our Senior Advantage Program. A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.