jimmyfaceJimmy was nine and not in the best of shape, physically, when he entered HRI. Never abused or mistreated, he had never been given adequate medical care.  He was quickly neutered, updated on all vaccinations, given all pertinent tests, and had the dental work he desperately needed, performed.  But, sometimes, despite all our help and the love of our foster parents, these sweet dogs can not be fixed. What better way to honor Jimmy, and his foster parents, than this excerpt from his mom's note to the HRI membership.

IMG_0008It is with the saddest of hearts that I send this news.  Today we had to let our precious little boy cross the rainbow bridge.  Mom and Dad were with him throughout.  Although we had some of the very best doctors on his case, Jimmy just could not use the nutrients in his food and we were unable to reach a manageable level with his many problems.  I have never seen such a determined, tough little fighter ever.  And he was so sweet and loving no matter what.  All of these guys are so special, yet there was something extra special and endearing about Jimmy and all who met him loved him.  Our own vet had a very rough time with this as well.  He took a big chunk of our hearts with him and we will always be grateful for the joy he brought to our lives even if we could not keep him with us for as long as we would have liked.  When I talked to his specialist at VA Tech yesterday, he said that Jimmy was a very sweet little boy and clearly showed his appreciation for everything anyone did for him.  Everyone who met Jimmy noticed this about him.  Even though we did everything we could for him, we sadly could not make him better.  He will be a very much missed and always loved little angel. We will always cherish the time we had with Jimmy and know that he was very happy here with his family, but how I wish we could have kept him longer.

BDSC_0559eing a part of this rescue group in whatever small way is very special to me and very rewarding, but sometimes it can also be so very gut wrenching and heartbreaking as well.  But of course, I wouldn't trade my time with Jimmy for anything.  One thing I know without a doubt, Jimmy was very grateful for HRI bringing him to a place where he was very happy and loved and had toys and soft blankies and all the food he could want.  In return he showed his family a lot about unconditional love and appreciation.  What a special little boy Jimmy was.  We will miss this little one so very much and try to find comfort in the thought that he is in a place where he is free of the disease that wasted him and now is able to gallop freely and roll in the grass as he so loved to do.  To Jimmy we send all of our love until we meet again.DSC_0485

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.