Prior Year Quilts

The 2004 quilt was inspired by the joy our Havanese bring us throughout the year. Large center blocks depict Havanese enjoying the four seasons of the year, Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter. Each of the smaller blocks were created with the same theme.

Whimsical, joyous and beautiful, just like our dogs, the 2004 quilt was another winner.







In 2003, a group of four rescue volunteers conceived the idea of creating a quilt in support of Havanese Rescue. The committee consisited of Lu Wyland, Michelle Burke, Charlene Cain and Cheryl Grant. Cheryl was the most experienced quilter in the group, and generously agreed to assemble the quilt top.

Many of our volunteers that year had very little knowledge of quilting and scrambled to read books and web sites to learn how to do a quilt square.

Created with love and inspired by our Havanese, our efforts were successful and the first quilt remains one of the most beautiful quilts produced by the quilt project. Please enjoy the images of it below.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.